Classic quotes from the movie

At the Las Vegas B&B, Peter and Con are confronted by a naked,shotgun toting Jack Carter

Put it away Jack, you know you won't use it
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Carter visits Keith after his beating and tosses him some cash

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Get yourself a course in Karate

Carter goes to Bruby's home and put him in his place

Your a big man and your're in bad shape, and for me it's a full time job. Now behave yourself
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On the High Level Bridge, Jack gets angry with Margaret

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The only reason I came back to this....crap house, is to find out who did it

At the race course, Jack removes Eric's glasses

You know Eric, I'd almost forgotten what your eyes look like. They're still the same, Piss holes in the snow
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On arriving at Newcastle, Jack enters the bar and orders a pint, clicking his fingers at the barman

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In a thin Glass