We’re finally here

This has been a reasonably hectic seven days and we can now say we’re in!

At last, Dryderdale Hall is the place we call home, where we eat and sleep and wake up to views from the bedroom window like this:

The dogs and cat are almost settled and Helen and I most certainly are. I may well be down to my last pair of pants but a plumber visit this afternoon should soon resolve that.

My intention is not to write this blog every day, (and so far I’ve certainly kept to that) but to communicate the projects and challenges we undertake to make Dryderdale Hall an even more wonderful home for us and a fantastic place for friends and family to vist.

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4 thoughts on “We’re finally here

  1. just been reading about how you came upon your new home, and how you both wrote your decisions on a piece of paper. i love it. the house is amazing. congratulations to you both. enjoy.

  2. What a wonderful place. Very inspirational writing in your blog Ashley. I hope that you are both really happy in your new home. It looks fabulous. You must be very proud!

    PS: Hope we can call in and visit you one day!

  3. Hi.

    I can well imagine how thrilled you must be to own Dryderdale Hall. My wife and I have stayed there on many occasions over the last ten years or so, while it was owned by Mike and Dorothy Morley, and always thoroughly enjoyed the “away from it all” tranquillity – and stunning views.

    If ever you decide to re-instate the guest facility, please be sure to let me know. We’ll be among your first visitors !!


    Alec Long

  4. Thank you Alec, and yes, we love the tranquility too. We’ll not be opening up Dryderdale to guests in the future though.

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